Website Design & Development

Your Website Design should be easy to navigate, fast loading and easy on the eyes. Your visitors are there for a reason, give them what they want.

Is your Website Responsive?

Does it display well on all devices including Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones? This is CRITICAL.

Over 85% of search done is on Mobile Devices.

Your Website is a direct reflection of your business. It should be professional, and informative with NO spelling or grammatical errors.

Design is important, but Content is King. Content is the reason people visit your site. Search engines thrive on it and fresh content keeps visitors coming back for more.

WordPress & Blogging have made a tremendous difference in the way we do business.

By making regular entries, you are:

  • Better able to communicate with customers
  • Notify them of the latest updates and offers
  • Receive immediate feedback.

You are able to make changes instantly without the need of a designer, developer or IT person. Your customers can now interact with you on a real time basis.

Does your website look a little tired or need to be updated to offer more functionality? The redesign process can:

  • Improve the look of your site
  • Increase your visibility on Google
  • Improve SEO (search engine optimaization)
  • Help generate more leads to grow your business.

It’s a great opportunity to contact your customers – let them know you have a new website.

We can create your website from scratch or give your current site a makeover to maximize its potential.

We can host and maintain your site.

We can submit your site to all the search engines and other site directories.

We can purchase and manage your domain names so you never need to worry about renewals.

We can provide design, copywriting, logos or other design elements to make your site visually and technically appealing.

We will work within your budget and provide cost effective packages which can scale with your business.

We prefer long term relationships – after all that’s the essence of good business.

More people are searching, browsing and buying on mobile devices than ever before. So ensuring your website is responsive or mobile friendly is crucial.

All our website projects are responsive and mobile friendly which means they adjust to all popular smartphone and tablet screen sizes. We focus on mobile first, responsive website design so your site is optimized for all popular devices, ensuring your users have a positive experience of your brand no matter where they’re browsing from.


One website, for all devices. ‘Write once and publish anywhere’.

  • No need to develop an extra mobile website saving you development costs
  • Responsive designs are better for SEO than traditional mobile websites
  • No need to develop a dedicated app saving you money


Is mobile search important to your business? More than likely it is. Be sure your phone and address automatically call and map your location. Is the most important information at the top of your mobile display? Is your menu easy to navigate? We can optimize it all for you.

Design Consultation

We can integrate a blog into your existing site or use WordPress to setup a blog/website which you can manage primarily on your own. This is the benefit to WordPress, among many others.WordPress makes changing your design theme as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Speak to one of our consultants to help you make the choice best suited for your needs.

Designer Recommendations

You are presented with design options and price quotes based on your consultation. Review these recommendations and make your selection. You may want to consider a Complete Redesign, Marketing and Maintenance plan.

WordPress Setup

We can upload all the files to your hosted site, or we can add or modify the design depending on your budget and needs. In addition to the basic setup, we can customize headers, footer, backgrounds, colors, etc.

WordPress Add-ons

If you need additional functionality including widgets or plug-ins, we can import and activate them for you. Our experts keep up with the latest and most compatible widgets & plug-ins available. It’s important that all your plug-ins and widgets are compatible with each other as well as your current release of WordPress.


Once your WordPress/Blog is setup, we will publish it and provide instruction so you can manage it yourself, including a video tutorials. There is also a great deal of information and tutorials on the WordPress website.


You may want to make changes periodically to your site which do require some programming or design assistance. You are always welcome to purchase blocks of design support in 30 or 60 min packages, or you may choose a Hosting Plan which includes a Maintenance Plan or incorporate one of our Marketing Packages to maximize the benefits of your site.

Contact us now and let’s get started!

Design – Form & Function

Besides a beautiful design, we’ll make sure your website is fully functional, easy to navigate,search engine friendly and browser compatible.

Designed for Today & Scalable as your business grows.

We understand your business needs a great website, but sometimes your budget doesn’t match your desire. Besides offering Monthly Payment Plans, we also can design your site to scale with your business.

Regular Updates – Keep Your Site Visitors Engaged

Update your text, add audio and video files – include links to online resources – give your visitors a reason to visit your site regularly.

Updates – Stress-Free Process

Work one-on-one with a design expert to make site updates, perform product and image management. You can purchase blocks of design and support time or we can arrange amonthly maintenance plan to meet your needs.

Leave it to Us – Stay Focused on Growing Your Business

We will keep you updated on the latest in website management. No matter what your design or maintenance plan, we can upgrade your package or provide a la carte services to keep your site fresh.

Seasonal Enhancements

Your visitors will be more likely to return if you give them something new to see at each visit. Work with your designer to add banners and make color changes for seasonal promotions.

These are Pricing Guidelines – we do offer significant savings when you purchase one of our many package options. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Website Design Business Basic Business Design Custom Design
Website Design Choose from our gallery of professional designs or use your own Choose from our gallery of professional designs or use your own Create a Website design tailored to your business
Images Available Incorporate your own images or select from our image gallery Incorporate your own images or select from our image gallery Incorporate your own images or select from our image gallery
Page Layout Options Selected web design determines page layout 2 pages designs based on design template Completely customized
Site Navigation Basic navigation – selected web design determines style Some Navigation customization Unlimited
Page Style All pages use the same design layout Choice of 2 page styles – some customization Customized page design – unlimited
Number of Revisions 1 2 Dependent on budget & project size
Website Editing
Easy to use self editing tool included for quick updates Easy to use self editing tool included for quick updates Dependent on Design Limitations
Buy Units or
Include in Plan
Available for purchase in units of 30 or 60 minutes per month Available for purchase in units of 30 or 60 minutes per month Website Consultants can be hired for additional edits not included in monthly package
Other Design Features
Number of Pages 5 professionally designed web pages(add more pages using your online self-editing tool, or we can for a fee) 8 professionally designed web pages(add more pages using your online self-editing tool, or we can for a fee) Up to10 professionally designed web pages(additional pages may be added fee depends on custom package chosen)
Timeline 10-15 business days after content is approved 2-3 weeks after content is approved 4-6 weeks dependent on project size & scope
Hosting & Email Package includes hosting & Email for 12 months Package includes hosting & Email for 12 months Hosting may be included – depends on chosen design package
Search Engine Submission Initial submission to all major search engines Initial submission to all major search engines Initial submission to all major search engines
Customer Service 24/7/365 Customer Service 24/7/365 Customer Service 24/7/365 Customer Service
Website Design Price $649
(includes 12 mo hosting)
(includes 12 mo hosting)
Starting at $1899
(May include hosting)
12 Month Plan $59.95/mo for 12 months $99.95/mo for 12 months Starting at $179.95/mo
** You own your website after 12 months – Additional features available and may be included in 12 month plans

These are Pricing Guidelines – we do offer significant savings when you purchase one of our many package options. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Pricing – Website Makeovers
Website Redesign Starting at $499
Integrate Blog with Redesign/Makeover Starting at $299
Additional Customization $80/hour with purchased package

WordPress Blog Setup: starting at $150

  • WP installation on your server (hosting not included)
  • Set-up of About and Contact pages
  • Layout and theme
  • WordPress optimization

Additional Options:

  • Custom graphic work including headers, backgrounds, buttons, navigation menu
  • Plug-in/Widget installation, custom menus, footer links
  • Links for social network submission
  • Additional WP customizations – contact us

Integrate Blog w/ Existing Site: starting at $399

  • Match Graphic Design of website to blog
  • Co-ordinate Navigation
  • Layout and theme
  • WordPress optimization
There are thousands of web designers, why should we choose Market Now?

We provide a great deal more than just design. While it is critical that your website give the right impression, it is even more important that it is functional, easy to navigate, content rich and offers your visitors a positive experience. Whether original or redesign, we make sure your site is both  search engine optimized (SEO) and user friendly.

What about Content?

We can use your content, have a professional copywriter provide the content for you (extra charge), or a combination of both. Depending on the package you choose, we will consider use of keywords, SEO, type of business, style/branding as well as future growth. Design is VERY important, but it doesn’t matter how pretty your site is if no one visits it, or leaves quickly without finding what they came for.

Can we start small and build out the website as our business grows?

Absolutely! This is why so many clients have chosen Market Now. We build relationships with our clients. We know if we do our job, that your business will besuccessful and we will work on many future projects together.

I had no idea there was so much involved – can you help me decide where I need to start?

Some people think a website is just a template with some content, but it’s a great deal more than that. We will explain all the details in our first meeting so you can make the best decision for your business today and in the future – this is a Complimentary Consultation.

What maintenance options do you offer?

We offer everything from simple text updates to more advanced image and product management. Maintenance support can be purchased in 30 or 60 minutes incrementseach month to suit your budget and site needs or we can create a monthly support package.

Do you offer ongoing site updates or maintenance plans?

Yes, you have the option to buy updates on a recurring or individual basis. With recurring site updates, our design team will make specific time to implement your requests every month.

Why does my website need regular site maintenance?

It is important to keep your site content, files, videos, pictures, etc. fresh and current. This helps to keep your site visitors informed and engaged.

What if I have already purchased an ongoing site maintenance package?

We will evaluate your request and if it is determined that it requires more time than what you have available, you may have to purchase additional time before work begins.

Have a New Web Project in Mind? Do You Want More Customers Now? Want to See How We Can Get Results for You?