Strategy & Consulting

We offer customized Sales & Marketing Solutions which can be as little as reviewing your current marketing plan to a full blown product launch – most of our customers fall somewhere in between. Our specialty is understanding your budget limitations and providing the best ROI possible.

We can provide you traditional sales and marketing solutions, however our forte is finding great out of the box solutions.

Do you:

Just need to build your brand – create a Corporate Identity?

Need more customers Today and want a fast, effective and affordable marketing solution?

Have a product launch and are not sure if your existing sales force will be to handle the new business?

Maybe you would just like to talk over your marketing strategy with someone – get their feedback every couple of weeks.

You’ve heard that you must get involved in Social Media, but have no idea where to start.

That’s what we’re here for. We can provide you a simple service or create an affordablepackage to match your goals and budget.


Call us or drop us an email and tell us what you need. We will ask some questions and probably ask you to complete a brief questionnaire so we can understand your business better.

Simple Stuff

If you’re just looking for a quick solution, we can generally give you an answer and cost estimate via email or after our first conversation

Review & Proposal

We will review your questionnaire and prepare a proposal to meet your needs and match your budget. We’ll discuss the proposal and be sure you’re happy with the price and the solution

Personal Consultant

Whether it’s a simple job or a more complex project, we’ll have you work with a Personal Consultant. There is no extra charge. Your Personal Consultant will learn your business inside & out, and can better assist you in planning future projects.

Personal Consultant

The benefit to having a Personal Consultant is to have a single contact person who understands your business and can oversee any and/or all of your projects. It’s like having your own General Contractor who can make sure everything runs on schedule – they understand the big picture and will be responsible to see that your project is completed properly and on time.


Our business model and network of partners and providers gives you the opportunity to work with a team of talented, experienced people for a tenth of the cost.


We can provide an extremely high level of services and products at very affordable pricing. You aren’t paying for a complete staff which you may or may not need for your project, however, you have access to whatever you need.

It’s Easy

All you have to do is tell us what you want, what you need and a little about your business. Once we agree on the project and the price, your Personal Consultant takes care of everything. Your Personal Assistant will stay in touch via email with regular updates until your project is complete and meets with your approval.

How long does everything take – how quickly can my project get done?

Of course everything depends on the size and scope of your project, however because we are able to incorporate the experience and skills of our entire team, we are able to complete your project in a surprisingly short period of time.

Can I just have a onetime consultation and what does it cost?

There is no charge for your initial consultation, however it is more of a fact finding mission and may not give you all the answers you were looking for. Your Personal Consultant will give you all the details as well as pricing information so you can make your decision.

Do you have sales people I can hire?

We do not have sales people which you can hire, however we can make some recommendations regarding short term solutions, as well as assist you in the hiring process.

Business & Marketing Plans

Do you need a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Investor Presentation or Executive Summary?

Do you know what kind of plan you need? Is the plan for you, your partners or to raise capital? After you have the plan, what are you going to do with it?

The MOST important part of the plan is implementing it.

Too often people spend weeks and months putting together a 30-50 page business plan with full financials that no one ever looks at again. Save your time and your money. Before you do anything, ask yourself a few questions.

What is the purpose in writing this plan?

Who will see this plan?

What will I do with it when it’s finished?

How will this benefit me?

With more than 30 years experience reading & writing business plans, I’ve found the most important reason to write a plan is the discipline it takes to gather all the facts and put them on paper.

You’re forced to consider the details that might make the difference between success and failure. However, you can accomplish this with a lot less time and effort AND spend your energy on implementing that plan.

Our One Pager serves many purposes – it provides a great deal of information in a small package and takes nearly as much thought and planning as a complete business plan.

It’s a summary of the Executive Summary and is most frequently used when you need to share the core essence of your business. This is the first document we send to potential investors – short enough so they will actually read it and just enough information to peak their interest.

Planning, Marketing, Investor Presentations, Operational Plans, Brochures, Media Packs, Sales Presentations, Trade Show collateral, etc

We can help you prepare most any type of document which doesn’t require a license to prepare.

We can write it, tweak it, re-format it and/or re-purpose it, and when we’re done, we can also distribute it for you, whether it’s digital, copies, mailings, email or standard mail.

Writing a Business Plan or creating an Investor Presentation may not make the Top Ten list of fun things to do, but we have a team who really enjoy taking a potentially lackluster document and bringing it to life.

Our turn-around-time is very quick without sacrificing quality. You give us the information and we will set a guaranteed date for completion – and we generally beat the deadlineby 1-2 days.

Give us a call today and we’ll get started – it’s just that simple!


Before you send us the document, we ask you to complete a brief questionnaire which includes the purpose of your document, who will see the plan and the details of your business. Depending on the document, we should complete the review process within 5 business days or less, frequently within 48 hours.


The Critique is a detailed Review of your document. We ask you to complete a brief questionnaire which includes the purpose of your document, who will see the plan and the details of your business. We will provide recommendations on content, style, formatting and copywriting.

Our Critique will consider if the style and focus of the document suit the goals and interestsof the target audience.

Example: An investor is more interested in the company’s profitability, the potential return on their investment and exit strategy. Those details need to be provided before the details of the viability of the product or service. More details on Investor Interests, Strategies & Presentations can be found here.


We ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire which includes the purpose of your document, who will see the plan and the details of your business. Upon review, we will schedule a consultation to discuss any questions and request additional information if necessary. We willschedule a consultation with each draft until you are satisfied with the finished document.


The majority of our team are entrepreneurs who have personal experience with Startups, Small Business Growth & Sales as well as Raising Capital. We have written, read and reviewed more Business and Marketing Plans than we can count


Most companies who write and/or review Business & Marketing Plans fail to consider the audience and the true purpose behind the plan. Because we’ve been on both sides of the table, we understand the key points which an investor, a banker and/or a partner need to see AND they are not the same, although they have a majority of the same ingredients.


We believe that a 30-50 page Business Plan with full Financials is rarely needed or read. By determining the purpose and audience behind the document, we can help you decide which is the most appropriate. Not only does this save you time and money, you now have a document which is more useful to its audience.

Will you write everything for us?

We can, however, that is neither the most cost effective nor productive. You will still need to provide us the majority of the information. Generally it’s best if you can manage a rough draft – you don’t need to be a gifted writer, we can smooth out the rough edges and be sure it provides the right focus and information for your purpose.

How long will it take?

That is totally dependent on the information you provide us. We will give you a timeline and estimate after our initial consultation. Our turnaround time is usually pretty impressive.

What about a Marketing Plan – will you do all the research?

We can, however doing your own research is a great way to gain a better understanding of your market. Because research can be so time consuming, it can be rather costly. However, we are happy to help you do whatever you need.

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